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The Yorkshire terrier of yours needs regular dental care just like you choose to do. In fact, if your Yorkie has dental problems this can cause other health conditions as well. For additional information about caring for your small dog's teeth, follow these suggestions.
· Feed your Yorkshire terrier a strong, diet that is balanced, that also includes dried up food that's small enough to chew easily. Wet food is able to get stuck between the teeth as well as cause tooth decay.
· Be cautious about offering treats to the Yorkie of yours. Table food will most probably have a consistency that is going to lead to dental problems.
· Brush your dog's teeth gently with a soft toothbrush. If you get your dog utilized to this as a new puppy, they will actually look forward to that time along. You can check with your veterinarian to see what kind of tooth paste they recommend. Additionally, there are several reputable companies online that have tooth rinse and prodentim candy reviews (www.auburn-reporter.com) toothpaste made especially for dogs.
· Have your Yorkie's teeth cleaned by the veterinarian of yours about every 2 years. They are going to have to utilize a broad anesthesia to do the process correctly, therefore ensure to get various other methods done while doing so to save dollars and reduce the amount of times you put the dog of yours under.
· Make sure to consider dental care as significant as any other element of your respective Yorkshire terrier's health.
By following these tips your Yorkie will have the very best chance for excellent all around health and can give you years of companionship and love in exchange for this.


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